I have two My Inspire Wear comfortable pants. I have a 32 inch inseam, and these pants are easy to trim to the correct length without hemming! The hemline seriously doesn’t fray. I have worn these to the gym to work out, on air flights, as casual everyday pants, and even with dressier tops. They are soft and yet don’t stretch out of place. They also have a waistband pocket that actually accommodates my Samsung phone! These pants were a great addition to my workout and everyday wardrobe.Karen M
My Inspire Wear tanks are so soft and comfortable, I have one in every color. The fit is perfect and the bamboo fabric holds up really well; after a year they still look brand new.Shari W
My daughter was having “issues” (putting it mildly!) with homework and we were both frustrated/grumpy. I left the house to get My Inspire Wear sports bras and came back to check on her—I still had the bras in my hand when I launched into a unexpected motivational speech and knew there were power words on the bras. I held them up for her to read and stressed whatever they said on them…anyway, a few hours later…after she came to her senses…she said: You didn’t show me those bras because of the bra part… You were trying to tell me more by showing me the words. Yes, sweet girl, I was. My Inspire Wear fabulous sports bras were the reason why my daughter got out of her funk! Thank you!Shannon D
I have a brag board where I hang all my bibs, metals & My Inspire Wear, which helped me get there!! I own 3 sports bras, 3 tank tops and the pants. I love the inspirational words. The best bonus for me is the soft, breathable, moisture wicking bamboo fabric. It does not retain an odor. I can head out on a short or long run, enjoy a yoga class or just wear them on a leisure weekend. I just hang them on my bathroom rack to dry out. I love that I can wear it several days in row without needing to wash them. When I travel I only need to pack one for the entire week!Tracy O
I love the softness and support of My Inspire Wear! I want to wear it day and night!

Owner of Tiffany Yee Fitness Gym, former Ms Fitness USA and Denver Bronco cheerleaderTiffany Yee

The best tank top I have ever worn. Super Comfy! I sweat A LOT doing high intensity interval training – this tank can handle it!Linda H
It doesn’t matter if I am lifting weights at the gym, hiking or at cheer practice, My Inspire Wear tank top is my favorite athletic top! “achieve” on the front of my tank always fuels me to push out one more rep, one more mile or one more full out routine, because I know with that little extra push I can achieve greatness!Shayla H
One word “boom”! Best material I have ever worn. As a sports trainer I run around all day long and most boxers are stretched out by the end of the day; these bamboo briefs still have the elasticity at the end of the day and totally moisture-wicking. I love it and I don’t feel restrictive like spandex makes me so I feel comfortable all day!Jeff M
I’m absolutely in love with My Inspire Wear. I don’t normally wear tanks when I work out, since getting 3 of them, that’s all I wear! I wasn’t sure about the skort until two of my girlfriends purchased them at my party. I got one and have worn it everyday, it’s is so incredibly comfy! The skort and tank were perfect for my 12 mile bike ride. Any person that I have talked to that has purchased an item from My Inspire Wear has loved it and lives in it! This is the best product ever! I will forever be a My Inspire Wear lover!Stephanie R
Red Rocks in Colorado inspired me to exercise with my tank top. This clothing is for everybody, a nice soft fabric that magically doesn’t smell after a workout!Cristina C
Love, love, love My Inspire Wear tank. They fit so nicely and are so soft! I like it so much that I went back and bought a couple of others in different colors! You will not be disappointed! Stephanie F
I was introduced to My Inspire Wear at Zumba class. I bought my first tank and pants and I was hooked! I was for sure going to become a loyal customer.. after my first outfit I continued to buy more and more.. I have one of every color now! The tanks feel so amazing; the material is so comfortable and great performance during  sweaty workouts. I love the My Inspire Wear brand– if it was up to me, I would wear it everyday! If you  are looking for some comfy but stylish clothes, choose the MY INSPIRE WEAR BRAND. It brings sexy and sporty to a whole new look!Frances V
I got my 13 year old daughter the Inspire wear sports bra, hoodie, tank top and pants and she loves them! She will sleep in them and wear them everywhere she goes. I asked her why she likes them so much and she said, “they are really soft and comfortable!” She is going to Belize in the summer and My Inspire Wear will be what she is packing. Brenda N
My 10 year old daughter who has Asperger’s and some serious sensory issues is HOOKED on the sports bras from My Inspire Wear! I have been having problems getting her to wear a bra as she fidgets constantly and eventually takes them off. I ordered her one to see if she liked it and she said it was so comfortable it was like she wasn’t wearing it. She actually forgets she is wearing it and will sleep in it which for her is unusual. I have now ordered her all 4 colors of the sports bras and couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for the awesome product! Amanda ZAmanda Z