Zipper Pocket Sports Bra

Extreme comfort for post-surgery: mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast reduction or augmentation, Nursing mothers, and Women with decreased mobility from surgery or age.
The zip bra is so wonderful. I have used them through my breast cancer therapy and really don’t know how I would have made it without them. Not only are they soft and easy to get into, they have a pocket on each side. You can put different padding in them, prosthesis items, and my favorite – ice bags after surgery. They are easy to wash and hold their shape even after a year of constant wear. I recommend them for all breast cancer patients and the best thing is you can still wear them when you become a survivor!!!Marla B
These are extremely comfortable bras! The zipper bra got me through reconstruction when I could not wear the surgical dressing due to horrible rashes. They were also good for when I tried to walk and jog between surgeries. Now that my reconstruction is complete, these sports bras offer great support when running and walking. No more uncomfortable bouncing – the zipper bra is my favorite bra!Elyse M
Having had double mastectomy needing support in a bra that you can get on and off on your own is so important, that’s why I love the zip front bra that I can take on and off with ease and by myself. The material is so soft to the touch, inside the zipper is covered by this wonderful material so no harsh zipper rubbing your skin and you can use with or without pads that are provided with the bra. What a blessing to have been introduced to My Inspire Wear who has come up with the perfect combination of material to make the most comfortable bra that has helped my recovery tremendously. Thank you, for your wonderful product and compassion towards me and so many others. All I can say is try this product you won’t regret it and you will want to share the joy.Dawn R
The “My Inspire Wear” zipper bra feels like it was designed just for me! Being a breast cancer SURVIVOR, the soft bamboo material feels wonderful over my scars….the zipper front makes it so much easier to put on and take off too! Not to mention the removable padding….just enough in all the right places! Thank you My Inspire Wear for spoiling me with this bra!Tracy H
I absolutely LOVE the zip bra from My Inspire Wear! When I received it I expected it to be just like any other bra you can purchase. I just underwent a breast lift and augmentation and needed a good post-surgery bra. I’m an avid fitness lover and my second home is the gym. A good bra is important to me. This is hands down one of the best bras I have ever worn and used! The material is incredibly soft and I love that it wicks the moisture while I’m working out. I love the zipper on the front and the way it fits perfectly! It holds me in well and I love that there is no irritation on my skin: this is important because I am 5 weeks post surgery and still healing. I can’t say enough about how amazing this bra is! I am a customer for life!Sheena D
I love the zipper pocket sports bra and will never travel without it again. BEST EVER! I have to travel overseas quite a bit and not only is the bra super comfortable, the inside pocket is the perfect place to put my money. When I was in Hong Kong with 104 temps and 100% humidity, it was so comfortable and cool that I did not feel like I was wearing anything. It kept me cool and it was the only part of my body that did not chafe from the humidity. It’s a must have for traveling!Kristine D