We understand how dedicated you are to yourself: mind, body and spirit. We also know how committed you are to a better and more beautiful world. Like you, we know how hard it can be to stay focused on living a life that honors these beliefs. That’s what inspired us to come up with a clothing line devoted to this philosophy, and we truly feel it, wear it and live it!

Our brand thrives on the concept that inspirational words spark a powerful reaction within you and everyone around you.  That’s why we put inspiring words on our clothing line. We want to motivate you to be the very best you can be.

My Inspire Wear goes beyond just the words. We chose our innovative bamboo fabric because of a commitment to both you and the environment. It is an extremely soft, moisture-wicking and breathable material, giving you optimum performance and a healthy body. Additionally, it is an extremely eco-friendly material that is latex free and is allergy-free clothing. Not only will you be soaking in the benefits of the words, but you can feel great about the product itself.

We created this product because we’re women too and believe in the ideology of total physical fitness and a global notion of well-being. We truly want you to feel great on the inside and out!

Not only are we committed to the ecology and your physical well-being, My Inspire Wear strives to give back as well. We feel that it is our duty to serve the community in general and women specifically. As part of My Inspire Wear’s commitment to giving back, we have pledged to donate a portion of our net profits to non-profit organizations that promote breast cancer prevention.

Let My Inspire Wear be a way for you to inspire yourself
and make a difference in virtually everything you do.

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